I have known Richard Brezina since he first became a paragliding pilot. Since then he has pioneered many cross-country routes in Kyushu. He quickly developed his skills as a pilot, and in 2015, when Rick first applied, I felt he had what it took to compete in the Red Bull X-Alps. Since then two years have passed in which he has continued to improve and increase his skills.
I, Koji Yoshimitsu feel Richard Brezina is a suitable athlete and would like to recommend him for the X-Alps.

Koji Yoshimitsu, Owner and Instructor, Wind Love Paragliding, Kagoshima, Japan

Brezina Richard は、スクール卒業後からみていますが、九州各エリアのXC記録を達成し、その記録は誰にでも出来ないで事でしょう。その、スキルアップは、ずば抜けて速く、前回のX-Alpsを申し込んだ時には、既にアルプスを飛ぶための十分なスキルを身に付けていました。それから2年、更なるトレーニングを続け、スキルアップを果たし、過酷なレースをゴールできるレベルにまで達しています。

私、吉満幸二は、Brezina Richard が、X-Alpsに出場するにふさわしい選手として推薦いたします。

Hello , I hope you will consider Richard Brezina as a competitor for the next X-alps. From the few flying years I have know him he seems to be a very dedicated and competitive pilot. Putting the time and effort needed to compete in these type of events . I hope you consider him for the upcoming events to compete for us Canadian pilots.

Glenn Derouin , Paraglide Canada Senior Instructor / Tandem , Canada

I recommend that Richard Brezina be selected as an athlete for the X-Alps.
I have been observing Rik ever since he first got his paragliding pilot`s license and watched him quickly develop exceptional skill and ability in paragliding. When he first applied for the Red Bull X-Alps in 2014, I believed he was ready and possessed the necessary skills to be successful in the race. Since then, over the past two years, he has continued his training, and further honed his skills. I believe he has what it takes to reach the goal of this grueling race.

Masataka Kawachi is a paragliding coach and former bronze medallist in the PWC and a gold medallist in the Asian Paragliding Championships.


Brezina Richard は、スクール卒業後から見ていますが、スキルアップは、ずば抜けて速く、前回のX-Alpsを申し込んだ時には、既にアルプスを飛ぶための十分なスキルを身に付けていました。それから2年、更なるトレーニングを続け、スキルアップを果たし、過酷なレースをゴールできるレベルにまで達しています。

私、川地正孝は、Brezina Richard が、X-Alpsに出場するにふさわしい選手として推薦いたします。

Rik is a great kayaker. He circumnavigated around Amakusa Island, 180km (?) in less than 24 hours. The trip was not just physically tough, but also high degree of calculations of current and weather were crucial. That was a very unique idea of Rik. Kayaking along a chain of islands and crossing straight back to the starting point in Amakusa was also one of big journeys he did with Leanne. The trip was done in their " local sea ", but in a very large scale. No one had attempted to take the same course before and today. I was not surprised when I heard that Rik had become so good at paragliding shortly after taking up the sport.

Takehiro Shibata
Adventure kayaker and guide in Mie Prefecture, Japan

Rick received the towing endorsement from me at Bright, Australia in January 2015. With difficult, windy conditions we did the tows over several days at first light before strong winds reached the ground. The following season in his first week of flatland flying, he set his new personal best at 332 kms. That Christmas day Rick flew from Mystic and top landed Mt Feathertop then Mt Bogong and flew back to Bright.
Rick is a very determined pilot, he makes the best of what each day`s conditions have to offer; he can be seen ridge soaring on strong days when other pilots spend the day relaxing at camp. He is physically fit and strong, a gifted pilot and very determined. He will do well!

Brian Webb- paragliding instructor and guide and owner of xckms.com